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Binic Care Co., Ltd Company Profile

Shanghai Binic Industrial Co., Ltd is constituted by 5 sub-companies namely BINIC CARE, BINIC MAGNET, BINIC ABRASIVE, BSP TOOLS, WISTA, with more than 10 Stats joint venture enterprises and more than 5 overseas offices. The total assets of BINIC Group reaches 500 million RMB, exporting to Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Switzerland, North America, South America, Malaysia, Africa and other 49 countries. In 2020, the total export volume of PPE and reagents will reach 350 million RMB, and there are more than 150 customers with more than 20 million yuan of annual trade transactions, which keeps stable in the forefront of the top 200 largest foreign trade enterprises in China.

+ million RMB

Binic Care Co., Ltd is one of the subsidiaries of Binic Industrial Co., Ltd. Founded in 2015, it is mainly dedicated to certified in vitro diagnostics, including Corona pneumonia antigen antibody detection reagents, HCG early pregnancy reagents and so on; electronic wearable devices, including blood pressure, blood oxygen, blood sugar monitoring equipment, heart rate monitoring equipment etc; as well as the disposable medical supplies, personal protective equipment, and minimally invasive equipment for medical beauty.

Since the outbreak of covid-19 epidemic, we have shipped more than 350 million RMB worth of masks, gloves, anti-epidemic materials and SARS- CoV-2 rapid test kits to Europe, North America and around the world. During the most difficult period, we were glad to help people out all over the world. We hope to build Binic Care into a large global Medical company that provides products of healthcare, treatments and rehabilitation for individuals around the world.We are committed to developing Binic Care into one of the largest service providers in medical devices, diagnostics, health care products, and new medical model platforms, building a comprehensive online and offline medical platform to provide meticulous services to people around the world.


ISO 9001(BSP)

EN ISO 13485:2016 issued by TUV

CE FFP2 certificates issued by APAVE (NB 0082)

CE FFP2 certificates issued by UNIVERSAL CERTIFICATION (NB 2163)


• Strong R&D professional engineering team
• Valid certifications for worldwide market
• Experienced management and workers
• Complete quality control system
• Optimized raw material supply chain
• Production capacity
• Perfect location, close to Shanghai & Ningbo port
• 24 hours after-sales service

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